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4th Annual Safety
Foundation Seminar
Toyota Grand Prix
Long Beach, CA

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4th Annual Safety
Foundation Seminar
PRI Show, Indianapolis, IN

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Stand 21 Safety Foundation - Driver Safety Seminar at 2015 PRI Show

Indianapolis, IN


Dear Participant,

On behalf of the Stand 21 Safety Foundation, we  thank you for attending our
Driver Safety Seminar at the 2015 PRI Show.

  From the received feedback, we are aware that our international group of speakers connected

with you.  As promised, we wanted to provide you with some practical information
which you could apply immediately.

Any additional feedback from you is welcomed and appreciated.




We shall return to the Long Beach Grand Prix next April with another full seminar.


Please stay in touch, follow our website and tell your friends about our work.

Please let us know of any driver group or racing series for which we may put on a similar

but shorter seminar.
Thank you.


For more information contact dontaylor500@gmail.com



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  Jacky Ickx, 6 time winner at the 24 hours of Le Mans. 8 Formula 1 wins; 2 World vice-champion F1 Drivers.

"Racing cars is a thrilling, but inherently dangerous sport.  Back when we started a racing season we did not know who will survive it. Unfortunately, so many of my friends and competitors lost their lives pursuing their passion, racing cars. It is very sad, yet their deaths are what brought improvements to racing; cars, tracks and safety gear. It is safer now to race cars. Today I would not race any car without the best safety gear.

  Larry Dixon, NHRA 2010 and 3 times Top fuel world champion.

“It is the safest and most comfortable safety racing gear available, and this is why I am wearing it!”

  Gerard Larrousse, Sebring 12-hour and Le Mans 24-hour winner,  Renault F1 racing Program Director, F1 team owner

“Car racing is part of life, and it will last as long as life itself...  I was lucky to be one of the great Porsche Racing Team members along with Joe Siffert, Gerhardt Mitter, Rolf Stommelen, Hans Herrmann, Pedro Rodriguez, and of course my teammate, Vic Elford. Many lost their lives while racing, and I shed too many tears at their funerals”

  Oriol Servia, One of the most experienced Indy-car drivers today
“I believe that wearing the safest and best available safety gear and helmet is a must, not an option! Safety first is a philosophy that I whole heartily agree with. This is always in my mind when I am getting out of the car...”

  Del Worsham, 2011 NHR Top Fuel World Champion.
“If you have confidence in your safety gear, you will likely perform better. If you lack confidence in your equipment and it fails to provide you with comfort, you will not feel the same and it will hamper your performance.”





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