“Without any changes, drivers would still be dying in NASCAR. But I don't think we'd be
seeing NASCAR right now, quite frankly. I think Congress would have gotten involved at some point. ...
I believe so. You cannot continue to kill your heroes.”

Dr. John Melvin,
safety expert and NASCAR consultant after the death of Dale Earnhardt



On July 17th our dear friend, Dr. John Melvin, passed away. John was a former General Motors engineer of which specialty since 1992, was
racing-accident analysis. He leaves behind an outstanding legacy of safety improvements that has benefited the automobile racing world, believed to
be unmatched. His training in biomechanical engineering gave him a unique perspective to study the causes of human-body injuries in racing crashes and devise solutions to minimize such injuries. Many drivers today credit these improvements for saving their lives.

No eulogy can accurately credit John for his extraordinary body of work,
and the vacuum his passing causes in the racing community is no less than abysmal.

John Melvin , was also a founding board member of Racing Goes Safer Safety Foundation, he was also an active spokesman and a lecturer during numerous events that the Racing Goes Safer Foundation held around the country.
Our deepest condolences go out to his wife, his children, and his family.
The racing community has lost a friend, a mentor, a towering giant.

See the FIA tribute to John by clicking here.  
Some of our endorsers

Jacky Ickx, 6 time winner at the 24 hours of Le Mans. 8 Formula 1 wins; 2 World vice-champion F1 Drivers.
"Racing cars is a thrilling, but inherently dangerous sport.  Back when we started the racing season we did not know who will survive it. Unfortunately, so many of my friends, acquaintances and competitors lost their lives pursuing their passion of racing cars. It is very sad, yet their deaths are what brought improvements to racing; cars, tracks and safety gear. It is safer now to race cars. Today I would not race any car without the best safety gear"


Larry Dixon NHRA 2010 and 3 times Top fuel world champion.
“It is the safest and most comfortable safety racing gear available that is
why I am wearing it!”


Gerard Larrousse, 12 hours Sebring’s, 24 Hours Lemans winner, Program director for Renault F1 racing, F1 team owner
.“Car racing is part of life, and it will last as long as the society will...
I was lucky to be a member of the great Porsche racing team, where
I was with; Siffert, Mitter, Stommelen, Schutz, Herrmann, Pedro Rodriguez, amongst other, and of course my teammate, Elford. A lot of them have been killed while racing, and I shed so much tears at their burials”

Oriol Servia, Driver number 2 Newman/Hass racing team
“I believe that wearing the safest and the best safety gear and helmet that is available, is a must, not an option! Safety first is a philosophy that I whole heartily agree with. That what I thought when I was getting out of my car...”


Del Worsham, 2011 NHR Top Fuel World Champion.
“If you feel good and you're confident with your safety gears, you'll probably be more aggressive.  If you're bound up and not feeling very good or very comfortable at what you're doing, you might not have that same feeling”



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